Sparkle Leopard White

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The Sparkle Leopard are a simply stunning and UNIQUE shoe that are HANDMADE for your baby and exclusively for the Hullabaloo brand. With the EYE-CATCHING sequin front, the cotton leopard print design and to finish them off the beautiful and delicate RIBBON laces that really make these a NUMBER 1 choice for your baby. The base of the shoe is a soft COTTON with anti-slip beads on them to ensure when your baby makes their first steps in these shoes they are safe on any surface. The inner lining is made of cotton and PROTECT your little ones delicate skin and the lace up design ensures the EASE of getting them on and off, but not easy for your baby to lose one. Whether out and about in town or at a family get together these shoes will have everyone envious of your little ones style. In 4 FABULOUS COLOURS to match any outfit you can’t go wrong. ADORABLE!

All Hullabaloo shoes have the benefit of having

• A Supportive Quality Build

• Handmade Shoes

• Breathable and lightweight

• Fabulous and Cute eye catching design

• The Hullabaloo brand

• Great Value

Available in sizes 11cm, 12cm, 13cm and 14cm• All UK Stock• FREE DELIVERY